What is it about?
Negotiation is an important area of activity for managers within practically all functional parts of a company and the administration. The systematic preparation and follow-up of a negotiation are among the most relevant factors that may exercise influence over the negotiation performance. In order to systematically professionalise the negotiation processes of your teams and to improve their negotiation performance in a sustainable way, the seminar provides a variety of tools which do this.

The course deals with the following phases of a negotiation:
• Negotiation analysis: “What information is needed for a negotiation?”
• Negotiation organisation: “How should we negotiate with and inside teams?”
• Negotiation preparation: “How can objectives, strategies and tactics be defined?”
• Negotiating leading: “How can negotiations be successfully managed?”
• Negotiating control: “How can we distinguish between successful and unsuccessful negotiations and how can an improvement process be initiated for future negotiations?”

Who organises the course?
ECG has contracted with the Negotiation Academy Potsdam (NAP) to deliver this intensive 2  day Negotiation Management course. The NAP was founded in 2013 at the University of Potsdam. In 2016, the second location was established at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart.

Who should apply?
Not just for existing alumni of the ECG Academy but anyone who wishes to develop their skills and performance in negotiating.

Participation fee:
The course fee is €950. This covers the education materials. Travel and accommodation are not included.

Here you may find details of the upcoming courses as well as the application form that you will need in order to register. Just complete it, scan and email to info@ecgassociation.eu.

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18-19 September 2019


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