As the Association of European Vehicle Logistics, ECG represents leading vehicle logistics companies from 27 countries across Europe and has developed in the ECG Academy a bespoke advanced training course for managers in the finished vehicle logistics sector.  The only accredited qualification available in this field, the Academy is in its 13th year with more than 200 Alumni that have achieved the high standards required to graduate from this course. You will find the complete list of the Alumni students here.

The ECG Academy Advisory Group (EAAG) was established in October 2010 as a means of harnessing the enthusiasm and growing experience in this exclusive club for the benefit of the sector. To this end a number of projects were identified that the group could work on and these were discussed and agreed between the EAAG and the ECG Board. As its main objectives, the EAAG is currently researching innovative projects within the finished vehicle logistics sector, as well as developing a networking programme for the ECG Academy Alumni.

Past and current projects worked on by the EAAG are:

  • Innovation in finished vehicle logistics
    • The ECG Board, in co-ordination with the ACEA Working Group Automotive Logistics, had given the EAAG the assignment to research and investigate the feasibility of "Trailer Shuttle" operations in finished vehicle logistics. Based on the swap-body concept, theoretically there should be possibilities to create such shuttle truck operations within existing logistic networks. But is the European network fit for this kind of innovative operations? And if not, what extra efforts would be needed from both the sides of the OEM’s and the LSP’s to make the project feasible? The presentation of a report, including recommendations for OEM’s, LSP’s and trailer manufacturers, was delivered mid-2013. The EAAG will continue to work on innovative concepts which it believes could serve the sector well in the near future.
  • Alumni platform and developing networking opportunities
    • Established on LinkedIn there is now an active ECG Academy Alumni Platform. In addition the EAAG is involved in the organisation of Annual Alumni Meetings to facilitate networking and sharing of experiences. Click here for more details. As the Alumni of the Academy develop their careers and often move around Europe, maintaining communication with everyone will be a challenge and each year another batch of graduates will join the club.
  • Educational Development
    • The EAAG is striving for continuous improvement and further developments in education for the finished vehicle logistics sector that will complement the ECG Academy and fulfil other training requirements. In particular the development of relevant on line training modules has been looked at.

On 2nd December 2016 during the 4th Alumni Meeting in Bremen the election for the new EAAG Board (2016-2018) took place. The EAAG is composed of 9 members:

    Jan Henning Vollmer 
STVA (Chairman)
 Aleks Časar
Milsped Group
Attila Novák 
 Filippo Rizzi Ariani
Grimaldi Group
Tobias Spannbauer
Mosolf Group
Sándor Gacsó
ARS Altmann
Tanja Mattheis
BLG Automobile Logistics
Andreea Maria Serbu
ECG (Executive Secretary)




Any alumnus of the Academy may stand for election to the EAAG and the elections will be held on a bi-annual basis. These will be publicised to all alumni in advance by the ECG Secretariat.

Please feel free to contact us if you are an alumnus of the ECG Academy and would consider participating in the ECG Academy Advisory Group in the future. Whoever you are, we are open for all suggestions and ideas and are looking forward to discuss these with you.

Contact details available via the Secretariat or find us on LinkedIn.