The Digitalisation Working Group was created in 2016 at the industry meeting that the ECG board holds in conjunction with the OEMs on a regular basis. This forum agreed to establish working groups on Digitalisation and Capacity to deal with specific issues under the guidance of two Co-Chairmen coming from the ECG Board and from an OEM. The third strategic field of interest was Quality for which a long-standing joint working group already exists.


The Co-Chairs of the Digitalisation Working Group are:


                Michael Bünning                                                        Hervé Moulin 
                 BLG Automobile Logistics   Renault Nissan


The Digitalisation Working Group is open to all ECG member representatives and OEMs. It had its first full meeting in January 2017 and will now be convened every three months in Brussels.

Current objectives of the Working Group include:

  • e-documentation for all modes (e-CMR, e-CIM and Single Maritime Window)
  • How the e-Call functionality, mandated for all new cars as of March 2018, can be used in the supply chain
  • Use of booking systems for trucks at compounds and factory gates in order to reduce waiting time and improve efficiency
  • Message standardisation

Sub-groups will be formed as necessary to develop specific issues.