The new version of the document was published in October 2019.

ECG's long-term objective is to obtain a loaded length of at least 20.75m for car transporters during the revision of Directive 2015/719. For this the association intends to concentrate on the individual Member States where the loaded length is currently below this threshold before the review of the Directive by the European Commission in 2020. 

In order to know what is the current state of play of the national legislations referring to car transporters, ECG decided to assemble the relevant articles from the legislations of 28 EU Member States, translate them into English and collate them. The laws from Norway, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine were included to give a full European picture.

The result of this work has been collated into a booklet which includes a table on the loaded length allowed in each country as a summary of the situation. This is an updated version of the ECG loaded length table that has been in circulation for some years and has proved to be a good tool to highlight the diversity of European laws.

To download the booklet on the national legislations, please just click on the picture at the left.